Black Seed Oil


I was recently told about Black Seed Oil and how beneficial it can be for the skin. Having learned about this oil and its potential benefits and after reading reviews I ordered a bottle of the oil from Amazon and have been using it for a couple of weeks. Below is a summary of my findings.

What is Black Seed oil? 

Black Seed Oil is produced from the Nigella Sativa plant, often referred to as black cumin. The oil is associated with several health benefits and is also known to be beneficial for the skin and can boost hair growth and shine. Some take Black Seed Oil orally however I have been using it for my eczema and so have applied the oil topically.

My experience of using the oil 

Having been told this oil works ‘like a miracle’ when I first used it I decided to take photos to measure the effects of the oil on an eczema flare up on my wrist. I applied the oil over the affected area before going to bed; the next day I was amazed at the result. I was genuinely surprised about how effective the oil had been overnight and the results were clear to see from the before and after photos I had taken (see below). As I purchased a bottle of Black Seed Oil that was intended to be taken orally the oil is not the easiest to dispense given the design of the bottle. I think if placed in a dropper bottle the oil would be more convenient to apply.

The oil is of a golden colour and does not have a particularly strong smell. My only issue with using Black Seed Oil is that when applied to an eczema flare up it did cause a slight itching sensation but this soon passed after ten minutes or so. I feel that this initial discomfort is worth it considering the benefits I have seen from using the oil. As well as helping to heal my eczema the Black seed oil was very good at reducing redness.  Overall I have had a positive experience of using Black Seed oil and have found it to be beneficial for my eczema would recommend it to others suffering with eczema, after an initial patch test of course.

Minty x


2 thoughts on “Black Seed Oil

    1. Thank you so much! You should definitely give it a try I was really surprised with the results after trying all sorts of lotions and potions in the past without much success


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